User Manual

(updated: 2014. October 14.)

Changelog for version 1.14

(released: 2016. July 8.)

– Added: ArchiCad 20 version support

Changelog for version 1.13

(released: 2015. June 26.)

– Added: ArchiCad 19 version support

Changelog for version 1.12

– Improved: New “2D Style” added “Symbol view + Base”, and the current “Symbol view” mode doesn’t show the Base from now.
– Added: New import parameter “Planar edges are”

Changelog for version 1.11

(released: 2015. February 11.)

– Changed: License activation number doesn’t have minimum value (to make it easier to type in the license key)

– FIXED: Automatic path replacement doesn’t find similar paths in case the file names are the same but but only case-insesitive
– FIXED: Can’t accept valid license files

Changelog for version 1.10

(released: 2014. October 14.)

– Added: New 2D display option “Symbol view” (If it is the active 2D mode, library part will be shown with the actual 2D symbol on the Floor view.)
– Added: Tooltip helps for some of the ModelPort parameters.
– Added: Option to select all the ModelPort formats to the ModelPort Import dialog.
– Added: New license types (fbxdae,obj3ds,bundle)
– Improved: Scene size can be adjusted before import on every axis (by setting the scale value or changing the actual size )
– Added: New library parameter “Scale” – it is a global scale for the imported model (it is still possible to additionally scale it on the x,y,z axes)
– Added: ModelPort menu on the AC menu bar.
– Improved: Better controls to handle the situation when the library part already exists.
– Added: It is possible now to choose any folder for Object import.
– Added: ModelPort can create ArchiCad materials, so it is possible to fine tune any parameter of the object materials inside ArchiCad. (See new options at the “Basic Settings” tab.)