About ModelPort

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ModelPort is a 3D model importer add-on for the Graphisoft ArchiCad software. Although ArchiCad can handle many file formats, somehow the still very popular OBJ and the nowadays became quasi-standard FBX is not among them. To fill this gap we created ModelPort which can construct ArchiCad Library parts from Alias Wavefront OBJ, Autodesk FBX, Collada DAE and 3D Studio 3DS files.


You can find huge amount of ready-made ArchiCad library parts on the internet, but often happens, that you need something special, something unique to match the design of your new building. It can be a statue, the grandpa’s old chair which is very close to the heart of your customer or maybe a really fancy ornament on the wall. Sometimes you find the right object file on the internet (but in a wrong format), or you have to create your own model in a modeller software (but you cannot read it into ArchiCad). You can convert your files to .3DS or .DXF format but it is a cumbersome process and often something essential is lost during the conversion. We think it is better to choose the easy way, use ModelPort to import these files.


ModelPort uses the Autodesk FBX SDK, which is the same code what is used by Autodesk to create bridge between their popular 3D Softwares: Maya, Softimage XSI, 3DStudio MAX, etc. Using the FBX SDK means we can provide reliable connection to these and to many other 3D programs.



  • Can Import mesh objects from .fbx, .dae, .obj, .3ds files (according to the license type)
  • Supports instance meshes
  • Import size can be adjusted before import on every axis
  • Imports mesh uv (only one uv/mesh – AC limitation)
  • Material with texture file import (only the diffuse texture – standard ArchiCad material doesn’t support texture on other channels)
  • Imported materials can be overwritten by other ArchiCad materials
  • Can create ArchiCad materials (it is possible to fine tune any material parameter in ArchiCad)
  • Library part parameter to automatically move the scene to the floor
  • Before import into the scene tree view you can select which items you would like to import
  • Automatic surface smoothing
  • Library tool for rotation


Known Limitations

– In case the mesh has parent locator with non-unified locator scale, the exported model positions can be wrong. (FBX SDK limitation)


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