Installation and Activation


Step 1. Downloading

Make sure to download the appropriate ModelPort package for your operating system and ArchiCAD version!
(It runs in DEMO mode until you activate it with a License code!)


Step 2. Installing

To use the ModelPort add-on you must be running Windows 64 bit (Vista or later) or Mac OS X (Lion or later). Graphisoft ArchiCAD (16 or later) must be already installed. After downloading the proper ZIP package, copy its content into your ArchiCAD’s “\Add-Ons\Import-Export\” folder.


Next time when you start ArchiCAD the ModelPort add-on will show up on your ArchiCAD Menu Bar.

ModelPort Menu Bar

As an alternative to restarting ArchiCAD, you can use ArchiCAD’s “Add-On Manager” from the Options menu. Open the tab “Edit List of Available Add-Ons” and click on the button “Search for more Add-Ons” and choose the ModelPort add-on from the “Import-Export” folder. Click “OK” and the add-on will show up on the menu bar.


Step 3. Activating

By activating ModelPort you can access all its features without limitation. In order to complete the activation you will need a license key obtained from the Online Store. The license key will be delivered to you by email.

Once you have purchased a license key and installed ModelPort, launch ArchiCAD, select ModelPort and click “Import 3D model”.


You will see the below screen. Complete activation by clicking the “Activate ModelPort” from the About box.


Then enter your license key and email and click Activate Now.




ModelPort add-on for ArchiCAD comes in three options – FBX, OBJ or Bundle.

ModelPort FBX
This package converts FBX and DAE formats to ArchiCAD objects. These formats support mesh instances as well as rigging and animation information.

ModelPort OBJ
This package converts OBJ and 3DS formats to ArchiCAD objects. These formats are the most popular for import and export of 3D models.

ModelPort Bundle
This package includes all supported formats. If you purchased ModelPort FBX or ModelPort OBJ you can upgrade to ModelPort Bundle.



A license key gives you access to the actual (1.14) version and all minor (1.x) version updates.

A ModelPort license is bound to an individual on a machine. Therefore, every individual that wants to use our software needs a personal license. But You can use one License to activate ModelPort for any supported ArchiCad version and any supported OS. For example you can use ModelPort for ArchiCad 16 under Windows 8.1 and ModelPort for ArchiCad 18 under OS X Mavericks with the same license as far as you are the same User.

If you are experiencing licensing issues, please use our contact form and we will respond as quickly as possible.